Financial Planning 

We take planning to the next level. Our process of personalized financial planning is designed to help you see your current financial picture, build strategies to realize your vision of the future, and focus on what matters most to you and those important to you.

Retirement Income Planning 

What is your vision of retirement? When our Lifetime Wealth Strategies help you decide it’s time to retire, we switch from accumulating assets to distribution. Through our planning process we build retirement income strategies that address decisions such as:

  • What withdrawal rate will accomplish our goals?
  • What accounts should be used first, or in combination, to maximize tax savings?
  • What diversification and allocation of investments is suitable for your desired risk level?
  • When is the best time for you to turn on social security to maximize your individual and family benefits?
  • How will healthcare expenses affect your needs?
  • How will the death of a spouse affect the plan and what contingency strategies need to be in place for the survivor?

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Risk Management Planning

Managing risk is important for building and preserving your wealth. By explaining the risks in the broad range of investment products we offer, we empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and build strategies to provide income for your lifetime, and protect and preserve your assets for those important to you beyond. Our risk management strategies include insuring against risk (through life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities) and managing risk (through disciplined investment strategies including portfolio diversification, tactical asset management, and identifying investments with the best long-term prospects for sustainable investing.) View More 

Estate and Tax Planning

We will review your current tax and legal documents and identify if updates or changes are needed to realize your intentions. We can work closely with your existing tax and legal advisors or introduce you to those we partner with for a broader knowledge of tax and legal strategies. Together we will build comprehensive strategies for your lifetime and beyond. Those important to you are important to us and ensuring your beneficiaries, legal designations, and disbursement intentions are current and clearly defined protects you and them. View More

Charitable Giving

We partner with you to realize your charitable vision.  Building your Lifetime Wealth Strategies includes optimizing tax savings to provide the greatest possible benefit to you and those important to you, including the organizations and causes you support. View More