Financial Planning 

We take planning to the next level. Our process of personalized financial planning is designed to help you see your current financial picture, build strategies to realize your vision of the future, and focus on what matters most to you and those important to you.

What Can I Expect?

Financial Planning
Our Financial Planning process is guided by your priorities and goals. No two road maps look the same, as you are in the driver's seat. 
The first few meetings are information gathering. We look at the goals and priorities you have, as well as gathering information on all the financial pieces of your life.
Together, we may determine specific issues you would like to focus on, or maybe you would like to walk through all of the financial areas of your life. Either way, we are here to ensure you leave with a clear plan for your questions. 



We’ll discuss any gaps in your insurance and if there’s a need for coverage, always happy to shop around for you

Retirement Planning

We’ll talk about goals for lifestyle, age of retirement, how to help get there, etc. We’ll then help you two put those concepts into motion



We’ll help you create purposes and strategies for each account, and ensuring you have “buckets” for your varying goals

Estate Planning

This will obviously evolve as you all age, but we’ll work through preferences and ensure everything is buttoned up in case something happens. We are happy to coordinate with your attorney, or introduce you to one.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis

Something else that will evolve with time, we’ll marry the goals of your assets with your risk tolerance to ensure your overall portfolio reflects your goals and needs

Tax Efficiency

Tax Efficiency

We will look at tax bracket planning to make sure you are getting the best tax efficiency from options, tools and strategies available to you. As a planning client, we will collaborate with your CPA to ensure you're maximizing any opportunities. 

Charitable Gift Planning

We partner with you to realize your charitable vision.  Building your Lifetime Wealth Strategies includes optimizing tax savings to provide the greatest possible benefit to you and those important to you, including the organizations and causes you support


Financial Organization

We’ll use emoney extensively so you two will have a dynamic financial picture that will grow and evolve as your needs do

Each of these topics may take anywhere from 10 minutes to multiple meetings, depending on how much time we need to spend on it for your situation. After we have worked through each of these topics and have put some opportunities in place, you’ll receive a hard copy of a plan that details everything we discussed, as well as strategies for down the road several years.