Financial Planning Documents

Financial Planning Process

Want to learn more about our Financial Planning Process? What information do we cover, what to expect, how long should it take? We answer those questions here, and are always happy to discuss more with your.

Planning Roadmap

Our Financial Planning Process is in-depth and thorough. Learn what to expect on the twists and turns.

Planning Worksheet 

Our planning worksheet outlines the documents we'll review during the planning process, as well as your annual expenses and big ticket items

Information on our Services

First Meeting Packet

This fact-finder will confidentially share your basic information, investment background, and financial goals with your financial professional.

Menu of Services

Lear more about the services we offer, and the areas of your life we can assist with.

 Educational Resources

Charitable Giving Fact Sheet

Charitable Giving is a large part of many people's lives, and plays an important part in your finances. Learn the terminology, the tax benefits, and new ways charitable giving can benefit you and a cause you love.

Diversified Investment Options

With all of the investment options out there, it's hard to know where they may fit in your life. We use this handout as a tool to discuss the typical risk amount of each investment option, and walk clients through their various opportunities.