How Are You?

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We Want to Hear From You

We all miss being with others and we are interested in knowing how you are and what you are doing to stay focused on what matters most to you. Our office is open but following guidelines regarding social distancing. We are communicating by phone, email, or through virtual meetings if possible.

Our LIFETIME WEALTH STRATEGIES community is diverse, creative, and focused on our futures. We hope we find new ways to connect with each other, new healthy habits, new ways to help, and even more gratitude for our friends, family, and opportunities. Please respond so we can share positive thoughts to keep us all focused.


Some Things We Are Doing Now, and Some to Make A Lasting Habit:

  • Many museums and parks have virtual tours, (including some local.) Search online for your favorite or one you have always wanted to see, or try:
  • Open doors with your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, you probably use that hand to pick up things, touch your face, or touch other people. Thank you, Carol Knoop, for this tip!
  • Miss your favorite restaurant? Look for favorite recipes or chefs on tv or internet (PBS has local chefs.) Short on ingredients? Search online for “Pantry Recipes” or “Cooking from the Pantry.” Swap recipes and photos/videos of your creations with friends and family digitally. Involve kids and they may enjoy eating more. Is there a recipe you always wanted to try but didn’t have the time? Many need just a few ingredients, croissants or chocolate mousse, for example, but take time and patience to complete.
  • Have you tried virtual dining? Video conference, set your table, light a candle, open a bottle and toast each other virtually together. Celebrate a birthday or other occasion or just Happy Tuesday!


Tell us what you are doing to stay healthy, busy, and sane:

  • New habit you want to maintain? Tip to help others?
  • Creative ideas for the kids?
  • Favorite recipe? New recipe you just tried?
  • Favorite binge watch tv show, book, movie?
  • Favorite drive? We can see a lot from the car and still be social distancing.
  • What have you never really had the time to do that you are doing now?
  • How can we all contribute to getting through this together as a local, national, and global community?

If you were planning on donating this year, and you have funds available, consider doing it now. If concerned your favorite chef, server, hairdresser or other small business may not be open when we are ready to return, you may be able to help. For example, or support local restaurants.

If your income has not been reduced but you are expecting a CARES Act payment, consider donating it. For example, provides meals to seniors and kids out of school in 13 local counties across Kentucky and Indiana. You can donate now (if you have the funds) and not wait for the CARES payment to arrive.

There are many worthy organizations online for donations but please make sure you know where the funds are going. We can be a resource if you need help vetting organizations or finding one that addresses your concerns.



  1. We are focused on what matters most to you and that may be different for each client.
  2. We are identifying opportunities, reaching out to you when additional investing or changes make sense.
  3. We have built your strategies to last your lifetime and your legacy beyond, and that has not changed.
  4. If you have new short-term income needs not addressed in your plan, call us and we will help you.
  5. Risk management, volatility mitigation, and responsible investing was our primary focus long before the recent market moves and we will continue to monitor, review and adjust portfolios.
  6. We are making sure phones, computers, and communication remain functional and we can get your funds to you, and review and adjust your portfolios as needed.
  7. We are social distancing and cleaning office areas before and after interactions, if unavoidable.
  8. We are utilizing e-signatures, and mailing or overnighting if we need your physical signature (asking for drop and knock.) If you need to bring us something, we have a box at the front door to reduce risk to you, from about 7:30am to 5:30pm (when someone is here to monitor and retrieve for security.)


When will things return to normal?

The only constant is that things are constantly changing. That is what makes life interesting.

We are here for you and will continue to be for your lifetime and, for those you care about, beyond.


Please call us if you want to talk.


Scott, Evan, Adam, Jeremy, Lori, Marci, Sarah