Are your beneficiaries up to date?

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Caring for those you care about is always on our minds

We are here for your lifetime, and for those you care about beyond. Reviewing your accounts includes documenting your instructions as to who can help with your accounts and who you want to receive your assets when you can no longer make those decisions. It is important that accounts held with us and elsewhere are reviewed to ensure consistency with your plans, including: bank accounts, life insurance policies, and all investment accounts.


Legal designations for your protection:

  • Trusted Contact:Who may we contact if we are concerned about your ability to make decisions?
  • Power of Attorney: Who can make decisions on your behalf if you are no longer able to do so?
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney: Who can make healthcare decisions for you if you are not able?


Are your disbursement intentions clearly documented on all accounts? 

These documented designations on individual accounts and insurance policies are settled as last signed regardless of changes to other documents, family dynamics, or your relationship status. It is important to note that instructions in your Last Will & Testament do not override the designations you have listed on your accounts and policies.

  • Beneficiarieson all retirement accounts, annuities and insurance contracts, including those you have through work or that you had when in previous relationships; contingent beneficiaries indicate those you intend to inherit if primary beneficiary predeceases or passes with you.
  • Joint with Rights of Survivorshipon property, investments or bank accounts; makes more than one person a current owner of taxable accounts and indicates the survivor(s) continue ownership when an owner passes (joint accounts may allow for one owner to give instructions or require all owner signatures; be sure you know if others can act without your consent or knowledge.)
  • Transfer on death (TOD) or Payable on Death (POD) designationson non-retirement assets including investments and bank accounts indicate how assets should be divided among those you indicate and this designation settles your assets as last signed regardless of your Last Will & Testament.


Please contact us if you are not sure your legal designations have been updated recently.


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