15 Years of Lifetime Wealth Strategies

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Opening Our Doors


In 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, we opened our doors. Scott Sells, Evan Thurmond and Adam Coop decided their clients deserved more, so they set out to create Lifetime Wealth Strategies.

A lot has changed in those fifteen years. As with many things, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Our team sat down to reflect on the past fifteen years, and daydream about the next fifteen.

“We had a vision of being able to build a better process. To be able to help clients in a way where everything doesn’t have to fit into the same box,” explains Adam.

The trio of co-workers dreamt up Lifetime Wealth Strategies after realizing the limitations of their then-employer and seeing the impact of those limitations on their clients.

“Some people thought our timing for starting LWS was crazy, but we were lucky to have such loyal clients that came with us when we started LWS. People valued our advice,” recalls Sells, reflecting on opening a financial business during a financial crisis.

“In past roles, our ability to work for our clients during the financial crisis was limited by sales goals. Therefore, we wanted to create a firm that allowed us to represent our clients holistically, without the institution’s interests getting in the middle,” shares Evan.

Removing barriers for our clients became a pillar of importance for our team, and ultimately defined the vision of Lifetime Wealth Strategies.

“We wanted to be independent from a large corporation that does not always have the client’s best interest at heart,” explains Sells, “We wanted a broader range of services, at a lower cost for our clients.”

“There’s always risks, but we didn’t see opening a business during the financial crisis as a risk, we saw it as an advantage,” remembers Thurmond. “The financial crisis was fast paced, and our clients needed us to be nimble. It was exciting.”









A Growing Family


Since opening our doors, the team has grown in many ways. We’ve welcomed new family members, new dogs, new office locations, and may have accumulated a few gray hairs, but much has stayed the same.

Since 2009, the team welcomed Lori Edge, who has created and grown all of our operations practices, Jeremy Sickles, an educator at heart, Judy Morrison, who brings a wealth of knowledge and genuine care to each client interaction, Becky Holstein, the one who keeps us all (including our clients) in stitches, Taylor Hill, a lover of all charitable interests, and Michael Trapp, the jack of all trades. Over this celebratory year, we'll be highlighting each team member for you to meet to learn more about their experience and passions. 

Our growing team focuses on a team approach, with a consistent goal to make knowledge accessible.

“I joined LWS about 5 years ago. My business partner, EJ Gary and I decided that LWS was the best fit because of the values of the individuals within the firm,” shares Judy, “It has been very exciting to be associated with this group."

Not only do we enjoy working as a team, it seems that clients value that approach as well. 

“I believe the trend of seeking out multiple services and areas of expertise under the same roof will continue to grow. It seems people want to work with a team, and have the security of knowing that, if something were to happen, they have multiple people ready to help,” shares Thurmond.





Creating our Distinction


The decision to open Lifetime Wealth Strategies during a financial crisis may have raised eyebrows, but the founding partners focused on providing quality advice to clients, and the firm grew.

We pride ourselves in providing expertise in every aspect of your financial life. Our entire team is brought in to share ideas and suggestions on many client cases, so that the best ideas rise to the top. If we don’t have the solutions, we include mentors and peers in the industry for help. We’ve also created a group of preferred partners that we trust for the topics we don’t handle. Our focus on finding the best path for each client allows us to operate differently than many other firms, something we’re very proud of.

“It has been exciting to be a part of this group-- to be able to learn and share ideas with each other,” shares Judy. “In addition, we have a top-notch client service team that takes great care of our clients.  After all, a client can go down the street and invest in the same products that we have, but I believe that service, availability and communication is what sets us apart!”

Our services now include investment management, solutions for business owners, everything that falls within your insurance needs, charitable giving solutions, educational courses, and financial planning that includes all parts of your life, from finances to goals and life changes.

" We believe that knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions. We take this approach not just in education settings but also in every client interaction we have," shares Jeremy, "I have now been leading retirement planning courses for nine years at local universities in addition to other seminars focused on social security planning, planned giving and behavioral finance. It has been a privilege to serve my clients as part of the LWS team for these past 10 years"

Fifteen years later, Sells shared that his philosophy from 2009 has not changed. “I have always believed in doing what is best for our clients, and to be sincere and truthful. I believe in treating clients like I would treat a family member. I have always loved getting to know our clients and hearing their life stories.”

Trends and Challenges


Fifteen years ago, the Kindle was a revolutionary concept. Trends, technology, and economic conditions change quickly. We talked about how trends have evolved since 2009, and what we anticipate for the future.

“The challenges now are very similar to the challenges then, but the financial world has only gotten more complicated over time. There are more choices than ever, which means people need more ongoing guidance now possibly than ever before,” explains Coop.

“Like other segments of the economy, I feel that the financial industry will become more automated in the selection of specific investments,” shares Judy, “Years ago, advisors would have to read through many publications to select individual investments.  Now it is just a matter of entering data into a program, and a selection of investments will appear.  This saves the advisor lots of time and allows him/her to focus on overall planning and the needs of the client.”


In 2039…


“Looking into my crystal ball, I think Taylor Swift be President, with Malia Obama as her running mate. I’ll have a Dow 90k license plate by then, too,” says Evan.

After fifteen years in business, the team looks forward to continued growth for clients, and the LWS team, personally and professionally.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the team we currently have,” says Coop, reflecting on what’s to come.  “I have a very positive outlook for our clients over the next 15 years. With proper financial planning and a focus tailored on what matters most to each client, together we can achieve the goals and dreams that our clients envision.”

Sells, having been in the financial industry for thirty years, shares that working with client’s friends and family is a privilege he is thankful for. “The last fifteen years have flown by. I am very proud of what we have built.  The firm started with just the three of us and has grown to a wonderful team of ten.”

Looking forward, Coop shares that it’s all about the ripple effect an impact can make. “My mission is to continue to have a meaningful impact and change the lives we touch. Our team will continue to grow, allowing us to increase that impact exponentially over time. On the personal side, I’m looking forward to seeing my daughters grow into the young women they are becoming and to see the change, they too, will make upon the world.”

Jeremy's future predictions include growth, both personally and professionally. "I am proud of how far we have come in since I joined in 2014. I am most proud of the reputation we have built, the client relationships we have added and the team members we currently have. All of this makes me incredibly excited for the future of LWS. I envision our team continuing to increase as our services expand and our growth continues. I foresee our office spaces expanding as part of this growth as well. On the personal side a lot of life will happen in the next 15 years with my kids and other family. Therefore, I plan to try and enjoy the journey along the way in anyway possible."



Celebrating a Milestone

“As the Chief Celebration Officer, a title I just created and will not seek approval for, I’m excited to celebrate this milestone year,” says Taylor, “It’s been so fun getting to know the LWS clients and introducing my people to this team. We avoid stuffy events for a reason… we want to have fun with our clients. I hope everyone joins us this year to meet the great people that make our jobs so rewarding.”

Lifetime Wealth Strategies will celebrate our fifteenth year in business with the people who make it possible, the clients. Whether it’s a family fun day at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Willow Hope Farm, a Pickleball Social, or a Holiday Party at the Botanical Gardens, we hope you join us in the fun.

“We hope all of our events create a chance to meet great people, relax, and know how much we appreciate you,” shares Taylor.

For more information on Lifetime Wealth Strategies upcoming events, visit http://lifetimewealthstrategies.net/events